All you need to know about the TANGRAM


TANGRAM is the new center of excellence, open to everyone who is eager to collaborate in creating the future of sustainable logistics and shipping.

Created by CMA CGM Group, a global player in sea, land, air and logistics solutions, TANGRAM embodies the spirit, mindset and values of the company by relying on two interconnected pillars

Learning and development

We want to mobilize key players of the transport and logistics sectors to help them rethink the way they design and operate their business.


We want to make this journey a crossroad between ecosystems representing wide-ranging sectors and expertise. We aim to bring together startups, global corporations, universities and research centers instilling new ideas into the world.


Transportation and logistics play a major role in the running of the global economy.

CMA CGM has defined seven major challenges connected to the Group's vision and trades that TANGRAM must address

Decarbonization and preservation of biodiversity

Research and Develop sustainable mobility solutions relying on green energies.

Digitalization and technological innovation

Anticipate the future with new solutions : autonomous vehicles, robotics, metaverse, smart data, AI and new means to develop businesses.

Space industry

Optimize existing transportation solutions by exploiting the potential of space and creating orbital logistics projects.

Consumer behaviour

Adapt to everchanging consumer patterns and society’s outlook to be closer to the Group’s own customers' needs and expectations.

Evolving Geoeconomics

Track geoeconomic changes and better anticipate the impact of evolving regional balances on global trade flows

Logistics in crisis situations

Define and adapt the role of logistics in crisis by adjusting and optimizing trade flows during natural disasters and conflicts.

Future of work

Embrace the changing world of work to create a more inclusive, equitable, and diverse workplace.


TANGRAM is a catalyst, facilitator, federator and energizer.

It is built to create a well-diversified ecosystem and develop synergies between experts from all horizons.

CMA CGM team members
Customers & partners
Major companies & Competitors
Research centers & universities
Internationally renowned speakers


The only limit is our collective imagination

We will continuously enrich an ever-disruptive, adaptive, physical and digital space to unleash your creativity.

A place to shelter innovative trainings, host inspiring projects and gather top-tier international experts and startups. A unique journey that could be lived and enriched wherever you are. An open site, built around both physical and digital collaborative spaces.

Choose your own path
and nurture your mind.

Each participant is engaged with eye-opening conferences, meetings with passionate people, collaborative work sessions, immersive experiences...You give, receive, and build a customized journey relevant to your own needs.

Your tailor-made experience.



We welcome talents from everywhere, in Marseille, France

Located at the gates of the Calanques National Park, TANGRAM revolves around a superb historical bastide, surrounded by modern buildings, envisioned by famous Architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte.

A place where history and modernity converge, where savoir-faire, innovation and boldness meet, TANGRAM truly embodies the DNA of the CMA CGM Group.

Every space is designed and conceived for collaboration, ideation and disruption thanks to state-of-the-art technologies and digital tools.

  • 8,000 square meters
  • 20 training rooms
  • 10 co-creation areas
  • 3 simulators
  • 1 innovation hub
  • 1 event center


The TANGRAM experience is already live.

The Excelerate program powered by TANGRAM was completed successfully

Paris School of Economics and TANGRAM established a chair on “Globalization”

The construction of the TANGRAM site is progressing rapidly towards its opening in 2024


As a federator and energizer, we are hosting and catalyzing several ground-breaking projects powered by TANGRAM.


Based on an innovative and reliable technology, NEOLINE aims to offer maritime transport solutions that combine operational relevance and energy sobriety in a move towards zero emission transport.

As a federator and energizer, we are hosting and catalyzing several ground-breaking projects powered by TANGRAM.


HEC and TANGRAM established a chair on “sustainability and supply chain analytics” in order to optimize routing and logistics, improve tech usage, study data analytics and evaluate social sustainability.